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11 July 2007 LankaDeepa
11 July 2007

Posted on 13 Jul 2007 03:28 am by Admin
Thursday, 13 July 2007 The Island
The Island
Thursday, 13 July 2007

Posted on 13 Jul 2007 02:25 am by Admin
Sri Lanka Malaysia Business Council bids farewell to Malaysian High Commissioner
Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Sri Lanka - Malaysia Business Council of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce bid farewell in a unique way to Malaysian High Commissioner Nazirah Hussain, who returns to Kula Lumpur end of this month on completion
of her full term.

During her tenure in Sri Lanka, Malaysia became the largest investor in Sri Lanka and one of the biggest trading partners. From this year Malaysia offers Sri Lankan tourist Visa on arrival, which very few foreign countries offer us.

Malaysia is one of the most developed nations in Asia and is blessed with a harmonious, multi-religious and multi-racial society of 26 Million people with a high GDP per capita and has a high standard of living with all the modern infrastructure and facilities in place.

Posted on 10 Jul 2007 04:16 am by Admin
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